Cheating Online Slot Machines

Cheating Slots Online

Slot games being very popular with the players were attempted to be scammed for millions of times. There are famous scammers, like Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who invented several devices to cheat real slot machines in casinos until he was caught and taken to prison. Now the famous cheater works for casino software providers and creates new secure devices against scamming.

New technologies have made it almost impossible to scam, as there is no physical contact online. The result of the game is controlled with the RNG, which is programmed to produce the combinations randomly. So, the game seems to be totally fair. However, there is nothing impossible.

Hacking the Casino Software

What you can do is to hack the software program; however, it is not easy to do. You have to be a professional programmer to do it, the providers do their best to protect the software.

Working for the Software Company

If you are a guru of computer technologies, this method is for you. You can work for one of the software companies that create the slot games and get the necessary information. Also you can know someone, who is involved in the manufacturing the video slots.

Complain the Game

If you are patient enough and have a lot of time to waste, you can try to complain the slot machine. If you haven't been winning for a long time, you can complain that you won the prize but the machine didn't register the winning. However, it is worth saying that in most cases online casinos are right and clients fall between two stools.

Different Tools

In internet you can find a lot of tools that are claimed to help you win at slots. Some of them predict the result of Random Numbers generator before the combination will be shown. Some tools influence the generator and make it produce more bonus symbols.

In any case, we have to notify about the illegality of any scamming systems. So, play fairly and win more!