Payouts in Online Slots

There are lots of misconceptions surrounding the payout of slot games. Many people take it to be the sum of money that slot machines pay. However, it is not entirely true. It actually refers to the sum of money paid by the machines as opposed to the sum which is fed inside slot machines. The payout rates are calculated based on the returns on every £100 that is fed inside the machine. All gamblers must look for those machines that have a higher payout percentage.

Differing amounts of slots payouts

The payback rate of any relevant slot machine differs and it can range anywhere between 75% and 99%. The payout rate is actually set by the manufacturer of the slot machine and therefore you must always try to look for those machines that give higher payouts that range between 95% and 99%. This means that a casino with a payout rate of 99% may make you win £99 Pounds with the rest £1 to the casino.

Finding the right Slot machine

Initially you must remember while searching for the perfect slot machine is that the payout rates may vary from one machine to another. For instance, a particular slot machine of Aztec may have a payout of 92% while another one could be set at a payout rate of 98%. A good tip while finding a higher payout machine is to stay away from the £1 ones, they seem to offer the minimal amount of payouts. Slot machines of £5 and higher are found to give good payout rates.

Besides this, you should also try your luck in the online casinos as they give higher payouts than the brick and mortar ones. It is nearly impossible for a person to check every single slot machine, but the online casinos do give a monthly report of the payout rates of their online slot machines on their websites. This does somewhat ease the process for the player. You can choose a casino that offers the best rate as their accuracy are monitored by independent bodies separate from the casino.

Other Online Gaming Tips

As a beginner you could also play for free in the online casinos before you opt for the real game. This will ensure that you know the rules of the game and understand the payout rates before you play the paid version of the game. Playing with 200 - 300 turns first should do the trick for you.