Types of Slots


This is a machine that enables the player to bet multiple coins, which can range between 1, 5 or even greater coins than that. The amount that you will win is subject to the amount betted. However, the jackpot allows the player to win additional amounts of money that is greater than the amount which they could have won directly. Nowadays, most of the casinos use multiple coin machines, the single ones can be found only in museums.

Wild Symbol Multipliers

Such machines have a separate wild symbol that can be used as a substitute of another symbol. This means if you have two reels as well as a single wild symbol, this gives you a sum of three bars. This also increases the overall winning chances of the player. The wild symbols come in different forms and may include diamonds or ellipses. Wild symbols undoubtedly add more excitement to the games.


These consist of around three payoff lines which are less compared to the traditional ones. Three of them are placed horizontally. Some multi-liners also have two additional pay-lines.


These consist of a single payout line and allow the player to insert multiple coins. The amount to be won by the player depends on the amount betted by the player. This means that the player cannot win the jackpot by betting £1.


In these machines the jackpot that the player can win depends on the total coins that the machine has consumed from the particular player. Therefore, the amount of the jackpot is not fixed and it keeps fluctuating with every single coin put into the machine. The total jackpot amount appears in dollars above the screen. Many casinos also offer their players a “Megabucks”, a multimillion dollar jackpot that the player can play for, from any of the machines.

Video Slots

Video slot are recently gaining popularity and include different types of games such as craps, poker, keno and blackjack. They include a video slot that appears on the screen in the form of spinning wheels.