Slot Symbols

Slot games consist of various types of symbols and until or unless you are an experienced player, interpreting them can be quite difficult. To help you out, we have discussed ways of interpreting different types of slot symbols and ones that will help you win money. These tips will certainly help you out while playing in casinos online.

Some of the symbols can be found on every game, while certain special ones can only be found in special rounds or payouts.

Scatter Symbols

These types of symbols can be found in any online casino slot game. The scatter symbols may differ according to the theme of the game itself. For instance, a game with the Aladdin theme will have genie as the scatter symbols. Nowadays, more modern technology has enabled the online casinos to have animal based scatter symbols. No matter what theme of scatter symbol it is, the entire scatter symbols do not appear on the active pay lines, therefore they cannot be replaced with the wild symbols.

Player gets the payout when 3+ appears on the reels. The amount of the payout increases when the symbol is added. This means, if you play the Aladdin slots then you may get £5 for 3 scatter symbols, 4 symbols will give you £40 and 5 symbols will give you £200 Pounds. Further information regarding the game can be found on their payout table. It clearly states which scatter symbol will give you what amount of money.

Wild Symbols

These symbols are sought after as they offer huge payouts to the player as well as additional pay-lines. For enhancing your chances of winning you must always try to look for these wild symbols on the online slot games.

Bonus Symbols

These symbols are meant to signify any bonuses that you might get in the video slot games. Scatter symbols are a type of bonus symbol which enables the player to win bonuses. Usually, 3 or additional bonus symbols activates a bonus for the player. This can help the player win more prizes.