Types of Tournaments

Players who are willing to enjoy exciting slot games and those who wish to take their skills to the next level then online based slot tournaments is certainly their thing. These tournaments are very competitive and can be found in friendly entertaining forms, which can also give the player some extra cash easily. If you have little knowledge on these tournaments then don’t panic as we have provided a comprehensive list of these tournaments below.

“Buy-In” Tournaments

This is undoubtedly one of the most commonly found online based slot tournament. This requires you to give a certain registration fee for these tournaments, which also contributes to the final prize pool. The high number of players means that the final prize pool is often quite generous.

Free rolls

As evident from its name these games are free to play. Besides this, the games are also free to play and they often have very high prize pools. These tournaments are great to win instant large cash prizes and are therefore not so commonly held. However, online slot casinos often hold them for at least once every month. All you must do is signup in the casino and play once the tournament starts!

Scheduled Tournaments

This form of tournament is also quite famous and they all have a certain specific date on which they start as well as end. A lot of buy-in and free rolls games are scheduled tournaments as well.

Sit n’ Go 

This is another slot tournament which gets its name from a poker tournament. Due to is high demand and limited seats, these tournaments start as soon as the seats fill up and therefore they do not have any specific start or end date. For being a part of this tournament you just need to register in that specific casino and wait until the seats fill up. Once the seats fill up you will be notified by the online casino. To get a better idea of these tournaments simply sign into an online casino. Such tournaments are most common in the UK based online casinos.