Casino Software Providers

There are numerous types of slot software available at the market. Initially, it may seem difficult for a new player to point out any major differences. However, well-experienced players can differentiate between various types of slot software, by identifying the distinct features of these games. Some of the widely played ones have been described below.

Playtech Casino Software and Slots

This type of slot is distinguished by a dollar ball, which is a type of progressive jackpot. To access this jackpot all you have to do is click on the link on the right side of this page. Once you enable this option, you can select 5 numbers amongst 49 by paying an additional wager of £1. These 5 numbers can be chosen randomly and can be seen at the lower part of this screen. Your payout rate depends on the amount of numbers you have got right. Getting all the numbers right will help you win the final progressive jackpot of the game.

Rival Casino Software and Slots

Although, they are a relatively new software company, they have made quite a mark with their signature I-slot, with means “Interactive Slot”. The game unfolds like a story, eventually reaching the conclusion. Unlike other games, this slot is not completely based on sheer chance, but also on the skills of the individual player. This makes every subsequent level more interesting for the player. The story unfolds in accordance to the performance of the player themselves.

Vegas Technology Casino Software and Slots

Unlike its competitors who offer their players 5 reel slot machines, Vegas Technology strives to differ by offering 3 reel slot machines, which is loaded with superb jackpots. Players can win the jackpot once the 3 specific symbols appear on the machine. The particular symbol is dependent on the individual slot machine. The rest of the symbols are similar to the ones that appear in the traditional slot machines.

Microgaming Casino Software and Slots

They undoubtedly offer the most varying collection of slot machine than any other provider which includes five reel slots, three reel slots, progressive jackpots and fruit machines. All of these feature customization options, making it easier for the player to play. The player also has the freedom to choose from different types of sounds, spinning wheel’s sound can be found in the first option, the second one deals with notifying the winner and the third option plays the background music.