Giude to Online Jackpot Winning

Casino games won the fame due to their simple rules and high payout percentage. Many people, entering a casino to gamble blackjack or poker, often try their fortune by inserting few coins in a slot machine. Apart, there are professional gamblers, who are aiming to hit a jackpot playing casino slot games. You can find a lot of tips and strategies how to beat slots and get the jackpot. Here you will read about tips how to win the highest reward and amazing stories about those who managed to hit the jackpots.

What Slots to Play Online?

If your goal is to win a high jackpot, you should look for progressive slot machines. Progressive slots are always linked with each other and obtain the same jackpot reward. The prize is growing all the time as every spin of any connected machine adds money to it. The sum of a jackpot is shown on the screen of a slot.

How to Play Slots?

Online Jackpot

When you are playing progressive slot machines, you have to remember some tips. First of all you have to make the maximum bets in order to get a jackpot. If you hit the combination but haven't betted maximum, it is not counted. Of course, you will get a part of the reward.

If the denomination of the slot is too high for your pocket, you should change the game - choose a slot with the lower denomination but play the maximum coins. It will save your budget from extra wasting money and prolong your gaming session.

Before you start playing learn out the balance of the progressive jackpot. Progressive machines tend to pay out in case the pot is full, so don't play if it is empty.

Where to Play Slot Games Online?

Progressive slot jackpots were the innovation of a small company named International Game Technology that invented them in 1986. The first progressive slot was Megabucks, which have paid the highest jackpots up to this time. Today almost all software providers offer online slot progressive machines. The most popular casino to try for a progressive jackpot are All Slots Casino and Red Flush Casino by Microgaming and Casino Plex by the Playtech gaming provider. All these casinos accept UK players.

Online Jackpot Winners

Al though, online progressive slots cannot be compared with the jackpots paid in land-based progressive machines, there are winners, who hit life-changing prizes. In 2005 a man won 2 million dollars playing progressives online. It is the biggest reward has been ever won online. The other winnings are about several hundred thousand dollars.