Online Money Transferring

Uploading funds into a player's online casino account is an important issue. Luckily, the players have different ways to add funds into an online casino account. We have described a few convenient ways of uploading funds below.

900 pay

This payment service is exclusively available for players based in United States or Canada only. Unlike other services which charge you through the checking account, they charge you through your landline phone bills. It is a very convenient option as you are only required to dial the number 900 and choose the particular amount of money that you wish to upload.

Western Union

This payment option is available to players in different countries around the world. However, International players have the privilege of using their credit card to upload funds into their online casino account.


This is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to pay or to get money online. It is a popular company involved with transferring electronic funds through the registered accounts of the players. Registered users of the site can easily withdraw, deposit and transfer money with their online accounts with NETeller. You can use the credit cards, bank account or the InstaCash programs as well. Another advantage that they provide is that they do not charge their users any additional fee for providing the aforementioned services.


Although, Citadel is less popular than their competitors NETeller, they do allow their users to deposit funds into an online account. Its only drawback is that it requires you to have an account with a financial institution in United States.


This is yet another free internet service that players use to upload funds. For adding money into a FirePay account, players just need their bank accounts. For doing so, all you have to do is open up a free account with them.

Prepaid ATM

Nowadays, players can also use their Prepaid ATM cards to add funds into their accounts. The casinos allow the players to add funds through these cards and also allow them to withdraw the money easily from the ATM machine.

Additionally some casinos also offer token to their players for added convenience. Such tokens can be bought by the players using their checking accounts or through a money order.

The other popular online casino money transfer methods are: Paypal, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) and Credit Cards.