Download vs Not Download Slots

As evident from the name, “No Download” slot are those that the players can enjoy without going through the gruesome process of downloading them. Downloading the games requires a hefty amount of time. Conversely the No Download versions only require you to have a flash player that enables you to enjoy the games. They are easily available in any online “No Download” casino.

Absence of any downloading time makes the process quite fast as the player only needs to log into that particular online casino only. Such games are compatible with both java and flash players making it one of the most favorite options for the players. Some games can be played free, whilst some may need the player to pay money. All that the players need is the flash player or an updated version of a java player.


The most prominent advantage of the “No Download” version is that they allow the player to start the game quickly which would not have been possible in the downloaded version. Its instant feature makes it more attractive and enjoyable to the player, as the games are ready for play as soon as the player signs into the site. Moreover the player also has the option of choosing from a wide array of games.

The games are available in two versions: a free version and a paid version. Therefore, the player is free to choose any version they prefer. The paid version gives a player an added advantage of winning real money. Besides these, the player is also saved from the hassle of encountering any unwanted viruses from the downloaded software.